Natural light can cast a rich spectrum of beams across your home that artificial light can only aspire to achieve. We all know that natural light is better than artificial light. It increases your serotonin levels and most of all it’s free. 

The problem is many homes are built neglecting the natural light factor. We can definitely try to pick up our house and face it in the direction of the sun but that didn’t work out. But there are a few remodeling changes you can try which will not only bring in more light into your house but will also save you from the trouble of relocating it to a sunnier place. Let’s light up those rooms:

  • Paint roof overhangs white

The overhangs over your rooftop are called eaves or soffits. Sometimes the eaves are left one or they are covered with horizontal soffits. Whatever the case may be, these overhangs outside your house reflect light and send it inside your home. To boost natural light into your house, one lesser-known way is to paint the entire eaves white. If you are worried about mixing the wrong colors and affecting the color scheme of your house, we have you covered. The eaves are angled towards the curbside of the house, it won’t affect the appearance.

  • Use brighter interior and ceiling paints

One of the oldest ways to reflect light into your rooms even used by your grandma is to paint your interior walls or ceilings white. It is easy but if you are still not convinced on all-white look into white with other tones added to the paint. There is a range of whites with other tones in the market known as Light reflective Value, it starts from 0 percent and goes all the way up to 100. Coming to the ceilings, they usually go unnoticed and are mostly white because they reflect light. Try to go for gloss paints with a matte finish as it reduces glare.

  • Use highly reflective tiles

If you can’t afford to install mirrors on your backsplash or kitchen glass tiles are the next best thing. In the right amount of light, glass tiles reflect close to 100 percent of the light that hits them. For a second-best option go for glossy ceramic tiles. Even if you compare high-quality pallet wood material for backsplash with subway tiles, the tiles would have better reflection and are far cheaper too. For a full experience, turn up the light and install metallic tiles 

  • Turn walls into mirrors

The higher the gloss level, the higher the light reflectance. With more gloss, more light will bounce off the painted surface as compared to matte. This highly glossed paint gives them a mirror-like effect that reflects light. This doesn’t mean you need high gloss paint in particular you just need to kick it up a notch. E.g if you like matte go with eggshells. If you like eggshells go semi-gloss and so on and so forth. Glossy paint is even though not used on walls directly but if you do remember that it has more glare and especially from artificial light.

  • Install skylights

Skylights have the amazing ability to pull natural light into your room. In Fact, they are often referred to as the windows of the roof. Not only do they provide a glazing area as big as a medium-sized window but also are faced with the sun. They also bring in more consistent light than most windows. Skylights are less likely to be shadowed by outside objects and sunlight reflected comes right inside the house.

Natural light is a source of vitamin D and inspiration overall. The ambiance created by natural light inside a house is warm on another level. Let us know some of the tips that might have helped you bring in more natural light into your house.