Designing and decorating a girl’s room can be a tricky and overwhelming project to tackle sometimes. Notably, when your girl is unique and does not prefer mundane and conventional room looks and when you want it to be something she can appreciate for many years. But it should never be like this. The secret is to find the right balance and choose the timeless approach to decor and design that will grow along with her. Turn this project into a creative and fun one, especially when you tag-team it with your girl (plus side: more organic time to spend with your kid).

And to help you get started, we are bringing you some fun and iconic design ideas that cater to a wide variety of interests and preferences and are chosen to suit your girl as she grows.

Basic Tips to Keep in Mind:

  • Always choose things she can grow. 
  • Keep furniture timeless.
  • Choose light, airy linen, or soft cotton drapery that will bring more sunlight into the room without invasion of privacy.
  • Ask her for her input in the designing process, because after all, it is her room!

1. Minimalistic Girl

If your daughter prefers minimalistic, subtle, and elegant space, then we have the best idea for you. Choose from a modern single bed with a matching nightstand and shelving unit. Or light wood furniture or even a simple white wrought iron bed with a compact storage cabinet. The walls can vary from white to matte gray accents with pendant lights for an uber-cool vibe. Decorate the bed with white and black or pastel sheets and deck it up with cushions and fluffy pillows. Do not forget to decorate the front wall with a couple of wooden frames with an art piece that appeals to your girl.

2. Fairytale Theme

Got a princess at heart? Many girls still love fairytales and being a princess, and there is nothing wrong with that. So turn your girl’s dream into a reality by turning her room into a fairytale-inspired room. Choose from purple and blue or mauve and blue accents or light pink accents for royal, posh, and princess vibes. Bring in the balance of royal and simplicity with a metallic bed with an imperial-ornate style headboard. Or a periodic style cushion bed for a fairytale royal look. Complete the whole look with a royal footstool, ornate nightstand, and a beautiful chandelier. And oh! Not to forget additional gold border frames.

3. Whimsy Bohemian Princess

Looking for quintessential, whimsy bedroom ideas for your Bohemian Princess? Then you are in the right place. Opt for a soft color palette like dreamy pink and pastel peaches with white or even green. Add some fabric hangings, tassels, and pom-poms on the floor pillows and bed pillows. A cute canopy with equally cute rugs also makes the perfect whimsical set-up. We also suggest adding g natural elements like a jute basket for texture and a rose-carved ornate mirror for the stylish and soft appearance of the room. Decorate the wall with feathers and string of bead or macramé to give the room a truly unique, free-spirited Boho-look.

4. Sporty Bedroom 

Sport-themed bedroom design is not just for a boy’s room. It can be for a girl’s room too. The first step to making a sports-themed bedroom is to know what kind of sport your girl likes. You can select a specific sport/team-themed bedding with matching pillows and cushions. To add some splashes of color, try following a color scheme of a team or sports tour daughter likes. The possibilities are limitless. Be creative! You can have the soft board attached for her pictures and notes or create a mini soccer field or maybe, hang a basketball hoop on the door. If your daughter prefers a simple room, you can deck out a colorful mural of her favorite player.

5. Artistic and Vibrant Bedroom 

Get those creative juices flowing and create an art nook if your daughter loves art. Design the room with a solid wooden bed with a wooden desk and a cozy chair. You can have spacious shelves to organize all the art supplies! To get a fun and fresh feeling, select colorful bedding and drapes on a white canvas. Choose a bright-colored textured wall with wooden flooring and a fancy-shaped bookshelf for a creative vibe. Add a little shine by putting on small golden lights or maybe a chandelier. Also, add some cutesy elements like a furry rug and artistic frames.

The last point to keep in mind is that room design should resemble your girl’s personality so the space can feel personal to her. So think outside the box and make her little haven as special as she is. And with these design ideas and tips, you can turn her room into a chic, fun yet stylish retreat where she can spend her time.