No doubt that the bedroom is the most vital portion of your home because it’s the place where you wake up and start your day. Within the room, the bed is pretty much the focal point of your bedroom. It does not matter if you are decorating your bedroom for the first time or the hundredth time, it is always a great idea to lend some extra charm and give some additional appeal to your bed. These DIY headboard ideas are a few ways you can spruce up your bed without digging a hole in your wallet 

Tufted Headboard

This DIY is the perfect way to make your bedroom chic. Tufted headboards give classy, luxurious, and elegant vibes to your room. It just takes a few hours to make them at home. Get a plywood sheet of your desired shape and size, apply some glue over the plywood and attach some thick foam sheet to it. Choose such colors that perfectly work with your room. When it’s ready, just fix it with your bed. You can also add some blankets and a plush pillow to give your bed a complete look. Apply the same technique to make a headboard for a king-size bed.

Headboard With Lights

Sparkling and luminescence – fairy lights are, no doubt stunning and mesmerizing. Brighten up your bedroom with lighting features by using repurposed pallets and some shimmering fairy lights draped all over. The best thing about this idea is that they are very cheap, widely available, and take less energy to work with. You’re going to need some basic carpentry skills to install the entire thing, but if you follow some basic directions, you’re going to be absolutely fine.

Plywood Headboard          

This option offers a decent look at your bed. If you are not already familiar with plywood, it’s just a wooden-material widely used to make wardrobes, furniture, and kitchen cabinets. The pros of using plywood are that they are highly durable, prone to moisture, and, most importantly, readily available to the hardware store, and relatively inexpensive. For this minimalist home décor, all your need to do a piece of plywood large enough to cover the space and some nails to fix with the wall. You can either color it or attach some painting to it depending on your personal preferences.

CD Headboard

This may be the unique and creative idea to add some splash of shine to your personal zone with something that is easily available to you. You’ll be shocked how easy and fun it is to make use of some CDs. In the era of pen drives, CDs have become the past thing. Just get some CDs and plywood and by using plastic-cutting scissors, split the CDs into pieces, glue them up, and then grout them all over the plywood. The end product will lend you some shiny and vibrant effect to your bed within just a few bucks.

Rustic Wood Headboard

Rustic wood is elegant and versatile, and if you are a fan of these woods, you will love this eclectic idea. Though these woods work well with the farmhouse decor, it also works pretty much well as a headboard with a more minimalist style. In dozens of cool ways, you can style your headboard with rustic wood. For instance, hang some of your photos over the clothesline, write your favorite quotes, and much more.

Faux Metallic Headboard

Whether you are looking for a new headboard or want to reuse an already available smooth-surfaced headboard, this DIY of faux metal is absolutely spectacular and probably the better fit for a modest double-bed. I think making this is comparatively easier than the other DIYs, as it is as simple as sticking a wide metallic gold foil over a headboard. You can either silver or aluminum foil instead of gold foil, it’s all up to your choice. The only drawback is that it’s nearly difficult to curb all of the air bubbles beneath the foil.

These are not the only ideas that you could have. All you need is a creative mind and some necessary assembling skills. Just brainstorm and make better use of this around you.