If you are a girl you already have the most important answer to this question. But if you’re a boy/man who does not understand why their partner needs a big mirror with a table in their room you should definitely read this article not just for them but for yourselves also. You’d actually realise how much you are missing out on without a stylish dressing table in your room. Because the truth is everyone has to get ready and look good every morning and a dressing table is an essential part of that routine. 

Here are 5 reasons you should have a dressing table in your bedroom! 

  • Storage For Expensive Makeup And Jewelry 

If you are spending a large amount of money on makeup and jewelry then a dressing table is a must have for you! The extra space will allow you to store these here and they will always be reachable. Oftentimes when we store our makeup and jewelry in wardrobes we forget about their existence and never use them. This way it will stay right in front of you and you will actually use the expensive things you bought. Moreover, the chances of anything getting destroyed in other places are almost cut down if you stay organised enough! 

  • More Organisation In Your Room

A dressing table may take up a considerable amount of space in your room but it will make your room look mess-free and organised too! The things that have been roaming around or taken up space in your washroom vanity or side table drawers will now finally have a home. What this really does is make you and your room look organised always. After every use you won’t be worried about finding a home for your makeup, you would know where everything needs to be put and it will be easily accessible to you also! 

  • Stylish Design Makes The Interiors Better

The versatility and the variety of designs now available in dressing tables really make me wonder if they are an interior design addition or a need based addition. No matter what your reason, stylish dressing tables can add a lot of design in often dull rooms. If your room has a modern vibe go for something minimalist. If you’re a vintage lover then go for a vintage design dressing table and make this addition to your room as stylish as it can be. 

  • Not Just For Getting Ready 

If your room actually allows your dressing table can be more than just a table where you get ready. If it is big enough it can also serve as a makeshift study table or work table and even a personal space if you can’t seem to find one. Who knows this wonderful new space with a bespoke mirror and stylish table might actually encourage you to write and do your work even more effectively. Also if your room lacks any other tables you may be able to use it for putting things on it when needed. 

  • You Have A Big Bedroom 

It is very unlikely that many of us will choose to have a dressing table for this reason but if you do have a very big bedroom which feels empty, then a dressing table can be a very useful addition. If you are looking to fill space then go for a table and mirror and allow it to become a focal point in your room at the same time covering space to eradicate the emptiness. You can also use this dressing table to create coherence in your furniture or add another layer of style in your room. This glamorous touch in your room will make you feel really good about yourself every morning when you get ready and spend time look at yourself in the mirror. 

As you can see the uses of dressing table are not restricted to just getting dolled up if you know how to use it right there may be a lot of other things that you can do.